Linda Molina For Judge

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Linda Molina chose to run in County Court 5 because an effective Judge – who applies the law as it is written, can help make a dent in the crime rate and slow down the revolving door of repeat offenders. County Court 5 is a misdemeanor court. It is the first step and opportunity for a judge to impress on the offender the importance of staying out of trouble or face a harsh consequence for the offense they commit.

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Why Vote for Linda?
With Linda, what you see is what you get, every single time. A straight-shooter with an excellent legal resume, Linda enjoys trials and the judicial process… Read More
Legal Experience

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Friends and family: Those who know me well know that I always have a Broadway song in my head. So with a little Hamilton on my mind, I will compose my own One Last Time. This has been an amazing and eye-opening journey—and it has a destination that I am excited to reach. I will continue to travel, guided by faith, down the road set before me. Thank you to everyone who selflessly donated their time and efforts to my campaigns. You know who you are. You have brought me to tears with your kindnesses when I needed them most. Your belief in me sustained me and kept me going. Thank you to Roy Barrera Jr, Curt Nelson, Johnny Lovejoy, TLIPA, Pastors PAC, Hispanic Republicans of Texas, and the San Antonio Express News Editorial Board for their endorsements of my campaign. While I will not be a judge, I am a trial lawyer. I am blessed to be able to do what I love—and be the best lawyer I can be. In so doing, I will continue to uphold the Constitution and honor your endorsements of my work. Thank you to my family, especially Tim, Miller, and my mother, Lydia. It is because of them and their support that I was able to do any of this, from the very beginning. I look forward to getting back to being just me, and giving them the me they deserve. And enormous thanks to Doug Cross, my treasurer and uncle, who has always given so generously of his time, words, and support. Doug is an unmatched pillar of our community—and a really great guy. I’m so very fortunate to have him by my side in all things. Thank you to all the friends I have made along the way. That is the very best part! I am blessed to have met you—and I am honored to have and keep you in my life. Thank you all for allowing me moments in your shade. I am so very lucky and thankful. For everything. One last time. ...

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ELECTION DAY!!! This is it! Together with my family and friends, I humbly ask you to please go out today and Vote Linda Molina for Judge of County Court #5! This has been the most amazing journey. I have received many blessings and endorsements along the way. Best of all, I have received your unfailing support. This is the sprint to the finish! I am honored to have had you by my side. It’s time! #teammolina #votelindamolina #lindamolinaforjudge ...

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It’s a wrap on Early Voting! #teammolina took on the rain, cold, clouds, and sun to earn your votes! ONE DAY left—and that’s ELECTION DAY on Tuesday March 6! Thank you to all my tireless volunteers who braved it all with us, from the very beginning—I could not have made it through the past week and a half without you. And thank you to everyone who came out early to #votelindamolina. I loved seeing your smiling faces at the polls! It’s been a long journey and I treasure your consistent support. #lindamolinaforjudge ...

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