A Judge’s Duties

Judges should be accountable. Effective Judges can slow down the revolving door of crime by monitoring violators to make sure they are meeting all the objectives to ensure the best chance of rehabilitation, by ordering treatment at organizations with proven results in rehabilitating, or by sentencing violators to jail time so they will know there are consequences to their actions.

County Court 5 is a misdemeanor court making it the most important court since the court sees many first time offenders and it is then that an effective judge can put a stop to them becoming repeat offenders or committing felony-level crimes.  A good judge will work hard to slow down the revolving door of crime by monitoring the offenders and monitoring the programs to ensure they are effective in rehabilitating the offender.  Also a judge has the authority to send someone to jail up to one year in this court.  Offenders that are not being rehabilitated need to know there are consequences and punishment for their actions and I am not afraid to use jail time to show them.

A Judge needs to do his/her job; a Judge needs to administer and apply the law as it is written.

Elect me, and I will work on lowering the crime rate and slowing down the revolving door of crime by:

  • Using every hour at the bench to lower crime in Bexar County;
  • Sentencing individuals to only programs with a high success rate in rehabilitation;
  • Monitoring community supervision programs to ensure the effectiveness of my sentences;
  • Establishing strict guidelines and monitoring the progress of offenders;
  • Developing a consistent order for the court so both the prosecutors and defense attorneys will know what to expect;
  • Working to process cases quickly;
  • Treating everyone equally and with the same degree of fairness; and
  • Helping create and maintain a pleasant courtroom environment with respect for everyone involved in the process.